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  Technische Universität Berlin | 10623 Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 36a, Deutschland 
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After an attack on several of the university’s IT systems on Friday morning, 30 April 2021, the servers hosting the centrally managed Windows environment were shut down to prevent further damage.

The online portal for application and processing of ERASMUS+ and PROMOS scholarships for internships is not affected.

>>> Due to the shutdown of many IT systems, we currently have no access to our email inboxes and can neither receive nor answer emails.


>>> If you have any questions about the application procedure, the current funding or the preparation of reports, you can only reach us by telephone:


Katja Glaeske: 030/314 22893



Corona pandemic and mobility

Currently (as of Feb. 2021), funding is available for internships abroad in Europe and overseas, provided there is no travel warning issued by the German Foreign Office that excludes non-tourist travel.


Please note that no binding statements can be made about the development in the coming months.